Privy provides a unique opportunity for luxury/hospitality brands to connect at the "point-of-sale" to a small but hyper-targeted affluent set of key influencers who are already sharing travel plans and lifestyle reviews. Our members are sophisticated, discerning, and cosmopolitan audience of influentials whom are transpacific in nature. Half of our membership resides in the United States (Los Angeles/San Francisco/New York) and the other half are constantly shutting back and forth between Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo. Moreover, Privy members are affluent. Over 80% of our members make over $100,000 per year with a mean average annual salary of $510,211.

Privy offers a variety of opportunities ranging from sponsored pages to fully integrated strategic partnerships. If you wish to know more about Privy's advertisement offerings, please contact us at

Privy works with brand partners to co-host exclusive members-only events in a given city. Most recently, Privy has hosted events at Hyde Lounge, Ecco Lounge and The Grand Havana Room.

Privy produces a monthly magazine which include in-depth articles, member interviews and featured luxury and destination reviews. For story suggestions along with press releases and hi-res photos to

Culled by Privy members and experts, Privy 5 are a series of "top five" lists on where eat, drink, sleep, play, shop and relax in a Privy city. Upcoming "Privy 5" cities include: Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo. If you wish to know more about Privy's advertisement offerings, please contact us at

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Privy is building the leading transpacific lifestyle brand for a global community niche of internationally-minded Asian and Asian American tastemakers and key influencers. Leveraging the vast shift of wealth to Asia and growing influence of Asians and Asian Americans globally, Privy is an invite-only, curated private social network offering a "city social dashboard" and premium subscription services catering to western-educated urban Asians and Asian Americans in the US and Asia, whom are often transpacific in nature. To ensure this niche social network remains intimate, relevant, and exclusive -- the curated membership to the Privy private social network is "by invitation only" through a trusted member with invitation privileges.