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Vivid Global Insider Series

Privy is a regular contributor Vivid Magazine's Privy Global Insider Series which highly the best places to eat, drink, play, sleep, shop and relax across the globe. Vivid Magazine is a premiere Chinese luxury and style magazine with a circulation of 50,000. With captivating original photography and informative bilingual editorial, VIVID MAGAZINE educates the modern Chinese woman - jet set, fashion forward, and luxury conscious - on only the best products and services life has to offer.
Winter 2009 Issue
One part pleasing décor, two parts attentive service, a dash of city view ... What's your recipe for the perfect hotel? Privy invites us to come along with its members for an exclusive tour of Asia's best.
Fall 2009 Issue
We love making lists of 5. First there was the Fab 5. Then the Jackson 5. Now we would like you to introduce you to the "Privy 5" -- a series of top 5 lists in the cities you travel to.

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Privy is building the leading transpacific lifestyle brand for a global community niche of internationally-minded Asian and Asian American tastemakers and key influencers. Leveraging the vast shift of wealth to Asia and growing influence of Asians and Asian Americans globally, Privy is an invite-only, curated private social network offering a "city social dashboard" and premium subscription services catering to western-educated urban Asians and Asian Americans in the US and Asia, whom are often transpacific in nature. To ensure this niche social network remains intimate, relevant, and exclusive -- the curated membership to the Privy private social network is "by invitation only" through a trusted member with invitation privileges.